da11er commented 8 days ago
  1. Nickname in game - da11er.

  2. Your real name - Alexis.

  3. skype/discord - Discord: #da11er5363.

  4. Counter-strike 1.6 experience in years - I'm playing Counter Strike 1.6 scince 2013, 9 years.

  5. Which server you want to supervise? - Knife server.

  6. How old are you? - Im 18.

  7. Have you ever been a supervisor (list out the projects if you have)? - On legacy knife back in 2018 i was a co owner with El loco, but everything went down when he started his own family and left. Im admin in a romanian server its called since 2019 Im a moderator, and i was an admin on fenix in 2021 just a simple admin but now the server is dead

  8. Do you have Counter-strike 1.6 Steam? - Yes, i have cs 1.6 on steam, im steam player.

  9. About your self - Hi, my name is Alexis im 18y old, I live in france but im bulgarian, I’m a very friendly person with a good understanding of cs 1.6 . I like to go gym eat healthy and maintain myself on the right track, i like going out with my friends and driving alone at night. I like playing knife, i had been on fleshas since 2021 , its a great server but not a lot of admins on. I had reported a lot of people , I want to make it fair for everyone and play in peace. Im a very educated person and i dislike toxicity, I just want to give it a try as im very active and i might be able to maintain a good atmosphere on the server.

  10. In your thoughts describe, what is a supervisor - Supervizor is someone that is very wise and not getting intimidated by people. Its a fair admin who doesnt take any sides. Im very active Ive been playing here for a long time, i know most of the people here. I just want to make the atmosphere better on the server.

blackberyfun commented 8 days ago

+1 respect

Deimosiukas commented 8 days ago

No gypsies allowed

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Last Saiyajin commented 8 days ago

Also no niggers

fleshas.ltadministrators commented 4 days ago

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