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Matri. commented 3 months ago

He was using multi hack (kb, sphck, jpbg, jpsp etc...). I have demo if you do not believe me.
"laps" 264 STEAM_1:0:1477563669[Fleshas_lt]_Knife-Arena_24_7.dem/file
This report goes for the knife Fleshas Server.
I had another clip of him killing me from behind with kb, but i missley got out of the server and my first demo wasn`t saved.
You can see in the other demo, on the end of it.

MarTin commented 3 months ago

He just knifed you few times, jumped 260 and 270 and at the end he did sgs, you cant see from the demo if hes doing a strafe while jumping or he was over 100fps, thats not enough evidence 😀My advice next time follow him more closely what he is doing so that you can see through the demo.

Sirmuzas commented 3 months ago

First thing you need to write complains here:
Second fill the form like so:

  1. The person you complaining about (nick) -
  2. Server-
  3. The reason-
  4. The evidence (ss arba demo)-
  5. Player steamid / ip (necessary!) -
    The third the demo is to short and there is no evidence, you didnt even spectate him.
    So complaint is rejected.
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