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Uknow commented a year ago
1. My nickname: ye?
2. Admin name: []-Knife-Arena 24/7 **(FAKE! READ DOWN BELOW)**
3. Server: Knife_Arena
4. Reason: OpenGl32
5. Demo+SS: |
6. Scan:
7. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:121730572

Well. I joined the server, I killed an admin called "KaIzeR" few times.
he started to say I'm cheating and I have KnifeBot, and then he left.
After a few minutes, I suddenly got banned by FAKE server auto-system cheat detection.
Why do I say it's fake and not by the real auto-system?

  1. Firstly, cause I ain't cheating (I even did scan after the ban).
  2. Secondly, the real auto system doesn't have the extra "-" on its name ( []- ).
  3. The auto system writes the reason as: OpenGL32 and not OpenGl32.
  4. As you can see in the demo/screenshots, there's a player called "[]-Knife-Arena 24/7" that is joining the server few times before I got banned.

So, as it looks like:
It's probably the admin "KaIzeR" that got mad, and changed his name, so it'll look like I got banned by the system, so I won't be able to complain about it.

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saluchaadministrators commented a year ago

unbanned. Admin will be punished.

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