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graveyard. commented 13 days ago

I was joking around and he gagged me 5 mins i was so confused, then a few minutes later gagged me again for 10 minutes with 0 reason, he was claiming i was swearing or something, give warning or remove admin, this guy was never admin before now he instantly started abusing.

sauthadministrators commented 13 days ago

Any proofs, or something? Upload demo.

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graveyard. commented 13 days ago

No from that exact abusing, but a few minutes later i came on server again and he started threating me with banning for no reason + didnt wanna gag a guy who obviously insulted me for no reason cuz he "doesnt speak english" so he didnt understand the guy who insulted me, which is lying + afterwards he insulted me himself by saying SNEZANA <3 : zato sto si glupak ko kurcic which means im stupid as d*ck, this demo is too long since i was on srw long time and im sure u dont even understand our language, but its all facts + he just now said hes gonna report me instead to make like hes right, so just act as fast as possible cuz he keeps abusing it still

sauthadministrators commented 12 days ago

No proofs, no punishment.

graveyard. commented 12 days ago

me talking to you is proof, u dont need anything better than that, but if u want more proofs like it matters, u can check gp and see all chat messages, and if snezana doenst get a warning or something, ill punish him myself in the future, cuz i dont tolerate abusing if u do

Karolyyysadministrators commented 12 days ago

no proofs

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