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lmao commented 3 months ago

ive been banned 2nd time for no god damn reason but admin NoSound bans me "using over 100 fps"
which im not
please other admins or owners deal with this

heres an demo:

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domynic commented 3 months ago

Hello, I told many people he’s banning players for no reason when people are only using 100 fps. All the bans he made with that reason are free bans . None of the players was using more than 100 fps. There was someone here that banned no sound then he got unbanned by a new administrator . No sound has admin from top5 he s banning for no reason and at this point there will be no one playing there. Im away so im not able to help, but i hope he gets ban

nosoundx commented 3 months ago

Take my admin rights off if im wrong then

hwk commented 3 months ago

People here don't give a single fuck about admins falsely banning, so there's nothing you can do. Also no sound is falsely accusing people.
He told that he saw some player called "Deep" publicly say that he was using alias and when I confronted Deep in a knf server he said that no sound was lying. No sound is just hella mad.

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saluchaadministrators commented 3 months ago

Last warning for him, unbanned.

domynic commented 3 months ago

Last warning? Are you new as an administrator? He made multiple bans he doesnt know how to be an admin . He just bans, i will get him banned if u dont ban him. Is not fair for other players . No one gets warning they get banned right away.

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