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Creepyy commented 2 years ago

1. Nickname in game - Creepy
2. Your real name - Michael
3. skype/discord - None
4. Counter-strike 1.6 experience in years- Im playing cs 1.6 since 2011. Lot of experiences.
5. Which server you want to supervise - Knife
6. How old are you? -I'm 21 in 19 days.
7. Have you ever been a supervisor (list out the projects if you have)? - I was admin at few servers in my country, also on one big portal where i was HLSA. So i had to check demos and evidences that players upload at forum everyday and write final verdict.
8. Do you have Counter-strike 1.6 Steam? - Yes, im steam player.
9. About your self - Hello, im Michael. I come from Slovakia from the small town named Skalica. I stared play cs 1.6 when i was like 10 years old when my cousin show me it and i really enjoyed every second of playing the game. In the beginning I played lot of public servers but one day i found mode named Knife and i knew this is the mode i want play. It taked me some time to get some movement skill and stuff like that but after some practice and lot of acer mixes with the legends of oldschool time i was better and better. I spent hours and hours of fun with my friends on servers and tournaments. Sadly every server i was playing before is now dead and players also stoped play the game. I had pause for like 2 years. But one boring day i decided to find some knife server and start play knife again. And i found this. The knife. I hit rank 5 in 1 week and i really enjoyed this game after long time again. I really love the server but i found out that there is still much cheaters in this game and toxic players. Thats why I've decided to participate in this recruitment. I believe that i would be worth supervisor for the server :-)
10. In your thoughts describe, what is a supervisor- Responsibility, stay professional, try to help other players with problems, clear server from the cheaters or toxic players.

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fleshas.ltadministrators commented 2 years ago

Rejected. You're not active enough.

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