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Creepyy commented 2 years ago
  1. Your nickname- Creepy
  2. Admin nickname- Darius Lt.
  3. Server where you got banned- Knife Server
  4. Reason-
    [AMXBans] Byl jsi zabanovan na tomto serveru adminem Darius Lt.
    [AMXBans] Zbyva jeste 54 minut a 56 sekund z tveho banu.
    [AMXBans] Zabanovan nick : Creepy
    [AMXBans] Duvod : ' Insults '
  5. Proof (screenshots/demo)- So.. I banned darius i think 2 days ago for creating his own rules on only 1 hour.( "Forbidden to create your own rules. ( BAN 1 day )") Today he came at server totally mad and starts insult me that i will get ban and said im fat rat etc.. ( , ) I read rules 2 times and i dont see nothing about that is not allowed standing on texture/map. ( , , ) Here i tell him to shut up that i dont care about him cuz he was really annoying. ( ) Than he banned me and put the vote so i will get ban after map change. ( )
    And here is my ban <3 :-D ( )
  6. Your IP (

I would like to ban this admin. He is totally unprofessional asking everybody for WG just becouse he is bad and someone killed him. And then ban them cuz they dont even know what WG is. Everytime insults players. He shouldnt be admin. Have a good rest of the day :-) Creepy*

fleshas.ltadministrators commented 2 years ago

Ban is no longer active.

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