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Unnamed 6 commented 2 years ago
  1. Asmuo kurį skundziate (nick) - pingu (free mute) ir hglf (free kick)
  2. Serveris- knife
  3. Priežastis- free mute is pingu, free kick is hglf
    PS. tarpusavi kalbam su penketu, o tas lenkas mute dejo nors nieko nesupranta.
  4. Irodymai (ss arba demo)-
  5. Žaidėjo steamid / ip (BŪTINA!) -
    #10 "pingu" 975 STEAM_0:0:442909841 20 15:32 48 0
    #11 "hglf" 913 STEAM_0:1:526847010 47 1:03:22 47 0

5 "Unnamed 6" 971 STEAM_0:1:118976624 10 18:42 3 0

6 "Unnamed 5" 986 STEAM_0:0:634466226 7 04:13 90 0

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domynic commented 2 years ago

I have the demo too as you can see your friend was very rude when i told him to be nice. He talked about my mom and when hlgf asked him to fix lags he swore to him. I will fix ur mom? The only thing i said is be nice or leave.. I dont think i did something wrong.. this is toxicity ,act mature please. All i did was to gag him thats it and hlgf kicked you cuz he said what he said

hglf : unamed fix lags
Unnamed 6 : dusk kurva
pingu killed ff with knife
[VIP] toff : I didn't say anything to you yesterday
[VIP] Unnamed 5 : il fix yo mom

  • Privileges set
    *** Unnamed 5 killed - black noir #-# with a headshot from knife ***
    [Knife Distance] hglf stabbed FEN#;OM within 31.840658 units (Full Body)!
    pingu killed FEN#;OM with knife
    *** ff killed pingu with a headshot from knife ***
    [S.ADMIN] pingu : wowwww
  • black noir #-# : wooww

[unique-kz] LiX 3:) jumped 261.119 units with Double CountJump! (100aa)
[VIP] toff : i took 274
[S.ADMIN] pingu : why u rude for
[VIP] Unnamed 5 : iam nice to your mum

[S.ADMIN] pingu : did anyone said smth abt ur mom or smth?

Unnamed 6 commented 2 years ago

INVALID, shit talking is not agains the rules + you are lagging not him/me

Karolis G commented 2 years ago

Nu biski nubaudziau, dekui uz nusiskundima

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