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RELEASE commented 2 years ago

Unban roger that (RELEASE)

  1. Your nickname- at the time of ban 'roger that', normally playing under RELEASE
  2. Admin nickname- nitti
  3. Server where you got banned- Knife arena
  4. Reason- knifebot and auto bhop apparently
  5. Proof (screenshots/demo)-
  6. Your IP (

Hi, I was on the server for a few mins and nitti said 'you have knifebot and autobhop, i have a detector'. He said he will ban me then asked me to download something which I refused. (I didn't think he was actually an admin because of his bad attitude so I wasn't going to download some programme just because he told me to). I bhop like a noob and I missed plenty of kills so I don't know how he thought I was cheating. Perhaps he was just salty because I was killing him easily. My name at the time of the ban was 'roger that', but I've been playing on the server lately under the name RELEASE so I'm sure plenty of regular players on the server will know that I don't have any cheats, Thanks it thanks guys.

RELEASE commented 2 years ago

nitti change his name to dubai pwnz after btw if that helps

domynic commented 2 years ago

I mean I think you are ok. Dubai thinks everyone cheats if he gets killed by that player, he is always banning players. Dubai has the admin non steam so when he plays with the nick Nitti he is steam with no admin. If something happens while he is steam he will get non steam with admin to ban players. Hope he will take a break from banning people. If u r clean release u will get unbanned, so dont worry about it:)

RELEASE commented 2 years ago

OK no problem. If he said to me 'i think you might be cheater, can you do a cheat scan' or something like that I would do it, but first thing he said is 'you have cheats, I have a detector'. I don't use cheats, so already I know he's lying about his detector. I didnt like how he spoke first of all, so I didn't reply in a friendly way either. I didn't think he was a real admin, I thought he had free VIP same way I got free VIP somehow when I didn't do anything for it.

fleshas.ltadministrators commented 2 years ago


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