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Fire Sword commented 4 years ago

It's been a long time since I walked out of this forum ... days are running out fast.
I'm back to this [Umbrella Swarm X3] server after over a year, and the funny fact is nothing has changed since I left. I contributed a lot to this server in changing it for the better, such as weapons, maps, items, and fixed some bugs.
The only thing that drove me to do that was that I loved him and got addicted to him ... nothing else.
It is true that many of my requests have not been fulfilled, but at the same time, had I not talked about new additions .. there would not have been new weapons and other things since the last update.
However, there are many people who insulted me without realizing the change I contributed to from the beginning (if not, I would not speak).
And you may not know that this server will die if he does not make changes. You may keep players playing (even if you are not a VIP).
This is something I wanted to write about last year.
But one thing I'd like from you is that Unban.
Not Admin, Not Vip .... Just Unban
I miss this server so much, and this is what I want.
My Name in Game: |L|ucky|B|oy

Karolis G commented 4 years ago
  1. Your nickname-
  2. Admin nickname-
  3. Server where you got banned-
  4. Reason-
  5. Proof (screenshots/demo)-
  6. Your IP (
Fire Sword commented 4 years ago

1 - Name : |L|ucky|B|oy
2 - Admin Name : Vejas2
3 - Server : [] Umbrella Swarm[x3] 24/7
4 - Reason : I don't know ( i can't remember )
5 - proof : i delete game for long time ( all screenshots & demo is gone )
6 - ip :

The only thing I remember is that I had a quarrel with one of the players (I think he was a Admin) so he complained about me and got permanently suspended.
This was the first ban I received without prior notice + and this is not founded in the rules.
I played with this account for a year and except for this time I had no problem.
The ban I received was out of hate and nothing else.
Hope you understand me.

noodz commented 4 years ago

nick banned join and copy all reason time ........ and send i rember you say all time go to hell see your reps

noodz commented 4 years ago

fire sword give me d:i:s:c:o:r:d and i will help you dude

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NightCore commented 4 years ago

Here I'll help you.
Here's your ban reason

Fire Sword commented 4 years ago

Yes, I remembered that ...Why I feel like I was a kid at the time xD
Thank you :)

Karolis G commented 4 years ago

buy unban

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