GameR x Pro commented 4 years ago

1. Jūsų nick žaidime -BuLL/DOG
2. Jūsų vardas -Valentin
3. skype -Valentin
4. Counter-strike 1.6 patirtis -well play for 3 or 4 years maybe more play counter strike and i'm good
5. Serveris kurį noretumėte administruoti -Umbrella Swarm x3
6. Kiek jums metų?15
7. Ar esate ankčiau buvęs(/usi) prižiūrėtoju kituose projektuose?well i have a server. umbrella swarm server. I was an administrator on several servers.
8. Ar turite Counter-strike 1.6 Steam?no soon i will buy Å ypsosi
9. Trumpai papasakokite apie save:these are the benefits of reviving order in other malicious players who play not honestly offend other players and disperse them and create a worry no more play with hack and homebrew. and we can also help these players who play fairly follow the rules.
10. Kaip suprantate prižiūrėtojo pareigas?well, so to speak I see a lot of unjust things. I see administrators who sometimes use it and players who play not fair and do not behave well do not follow the rules that are needed. and the administrators who are inside do not pay attention to it. for this I want to make some order when they are not online Å ypsosi

SmUrFaSx commented 4 years ago

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