Cherrio commented 3 years ago

1. your nick name- in top 1 - u fken god, but it was dirsa.cfg at the moment.
2. Admin nickname- Binderis.
3. Server where you got banned- Knife
4. Reason- Man idk, i was just playing as usual and then i left cuz my parents came home. He didnt even ask anything , i come back and im banned for aliass. Like cmon knifes are not hard, ive been playing it about 4-5 years previously in velnias and was in top 1 too..
5.proof (screenshots/demo)- well should there be any proof? cuz he banned me for nothing
6. your IP (http://www.manoip…)-

Binderis commented 3 years ago

I asked you to send alias ss to forum you disconnected, so? Your duck was so good that you always hitted from 2m :)

Add demo, and alias ss if you didn't turned off your cs, and if youre clear - i will unban you.

Cherrio commented 3 years ago

Mate, what u didnt ask anything wtf? Of course i closed my cs as i said i had to get of for a sec.

P.S i also remember one kid asked me to send aliass forum .. dude he didnt even explain how to do that. he said snap the console and find it in cstrike… And i was like wut??? At the end he didnt even ban me cuz he couldnt explain shit.

Binderis commented 3 years ago

U have demo? Put atleast demo i want to check your "skill" demo you will find in cstrike folder it will be called fleshas lt knife and etc. and btw add demo to

Sirdim i Sviesa commented 3 years ago

Gero žaidimo :)


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