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Posted on 05/18/2020 20:29 1
hey all i got free ban by any admin nick: Despeque ツ.
he told me to scan because he thought i have hacks, i told him ok wait im scanning and i told him im steam player, he said im not because i'v make on steam settings that no one can see my picture of steam so i told him whatever i go scan he didn't wait 1 minute and ban me 1 week, proof of WG:
you can check this, my steam id: STEAM_0:0:505476244, my ip:
UNBAN!!! (I'm Using My Friend Account Because I Don't Have One)
Posted on 05/19/2020 06:53 2

Next time upload with form:

1. Jūsų nick-
2. Jus užbaninusio administratoriaus nick'as-
3. Serveris kuriame gavote bana-
4. Priežastis -
5. Įrodymai (ss ir demo failai)-
6. Jūsų IP (
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