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Posted on 04/23/2020 07:45 1
Finally i got demo by friend help so i am sending it here its name is abbas1234567 actually my name is also abbas so i forget to change demo name
Its the demo before i got banned so lets see you people's reaction

Demo :

Wargods If needed :

According to Me Sentoxas is jealous of my skills so go check my skills and tell me i am hacking or not Å ypsosi

if u people thinks its old demo so go check my account and xp to let u know its that one which is recorded half before i got banned

Thanking you i hope u will unban

Ban Info :
Nikas: Antaria
SteamID: STEAM_1:0:794453453
Steamo Bendruomenės ID: 76561199549172634
IP adresas: paslėptas
Bano tipas: Negalima
Priežastis: Cheater
Remiantis: 18. Apr 2020 - 22:46:00
Bano ilgumas: Amžinas
Pasibaigs: Niekada
Užbanino: Sontexaz
Užbanintas per: [] Umbrella Swarm[x3] 24/7
Edited by Antaria on 04/23/2020 16:57

P A K I S T A N G A M E R X [ Y O U T U B E]
Posted on 04/23/2020 17:29 2
u heve unban topic closeX