View Thread: Unban Requset.

Posted on 11/29/2019 18:26 1
1. your nick name- President evil Pro
2. Admin nickname- Kuris ?
3. Server where you got banned- x3
4. Reason- wg in forum ( dont off you cs )
5.proof (screenshots/demo)-
6. your IP (

He banned becz he thinks i hack but i didnt i swear.The time he asks for wg my little brother was playing so he cant gave wg.I have demo and you guys can watch that i didnt hack.Every time i got ban for a reason i didnt do and he banned me parmanently from the server.Pls Watch the demo and unban me
Posted on 11/29/2019 18:37 2
no wargod? no unban.

Nekelsiu aš to WG cyka