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Posted on 11/02/2019 17:29 1
1. Your nick: M7MD
2. The nickname of the admin who banned you: ImaKiiingDE```````
3. Server: [Fleshas_lt]_Umbrella_Swarm[x3]_24_7
4. Reason: 'wg + demo i foruma.' (I do not know what WG means, but I have the demo)
5. Evidence (ss or demo) -
6. Your IP:

I have no idea why I was banned, seemed so unnecessarily long and without a warning.
You can clearly tell I didn't cheat from the demo for such a long ban.
Posted on 11/02/2019 18:23 2
WG= Means wargod
Posted on 11/03/2019 06:22 3
Is it needed in this case ?
I thought my demo was enough
Posted on 11/03/2019 06:30 4
you must upload wg proves that you are not a cheater.
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Posted on 11/03/2019 06:38 5
Posted on 11/03/2019 07:07 6
I don't understand what that means either, i didn't have my game started when I ran WG, but I had it up and running when I started the scan.
I'm new to all of this so bare with my mistakes.
Here's another one without the stupid warning :
Posted on 11/03/2019 08:42 7
this time i will give you unban but when you ask wg you don't go cs and do it again wg not after cs rr
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