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parašyta 10/09/2019 11:43 1
Hello there, I was playing yesterday in x3 swarm for 3 hours I think , and got 110k xp, ( 23.9m xp ) but after disconnect then join I got 23.8m xp, that's mean I lost that 110k xp
and before that gameplay I was 23.8, so .. its like a suspend for xp, then will never get any level up or any xp by killing zm or buy xp from a priz/
Proves : Demo[1] : ( here when I bought some guns /ul )
Demo[2] : (here after the disconnect. got my xp again and if I killed zm/humans/or buy from /ul then I will lose my xp every disconnect/Join)
Supervisors can check the first demo then the second demo, to see that Its a suspended level/prs/xp, cause maybe its a bug
STEAM ID : STEAM_1:0:785706755 and here is where I save my xp/lvls/prs.
Demo : ( here when I was 24m xp. )
Edit : I still have that problem. :///
Redagavo Alina Peng 10/09/2019 13:35

Su Pagarba. hi
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You share your account so its your problem about xp.
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