View Thread: unban havent played here ages and it says im banned

Posted on 10/06/2019 13:50 1
1. your nick name-Hellpe
2. Admin nickname-anti cheat
3. Server where you got banned- umbrella swarm 3x/high
4. Reason-it says here nOJO got banned by the anti cheat. i joined today created this account on the forum and i was about to hop on to sweat some umbrella swarm and then the message popped up that i was banned even tho i haven't played here since a year ago. it says here i have the same ip as him but i have never ever cheated in this server. Idk what it will take for me to play this server because the rest are trash. i would really hope to play on this server again even if it was some mistakes in the past. i hope i can play again and never make the mistake as he did.
5.proof (screenshots/demo
6. your IP
Posted on 10/06/2019 14:27 2
Unban is rejected.
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