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My Name Is Unknown
I Here Have Requests About New updates :
So Long Time Since Last Time
Pistoles :
- Deagle : [Crossfire] Desert Eagle Born Beast
Properties : It is a compact weapon between a pistol and a knife and has damage and can at the same time defend itself by simply pressing the right mouse button and get a knockout to keep the enemy away

Skin Link :

To understand well watch this on YouTube
We All Remember That Pistol
Desert Eagle : Crimson Hunter (Blood Hunter)
This is Link AmxModMenu
That Was Speciel (S.Admin)
Properties : A dangerous laser melts anything in front of it , Its supply may not be long but it will remain one of the most dangerous weapons
Link Plugin :
Weapons :
- AK47 : Avalanche
Properties : This weapon contains 100 bullets and lies in its fluency, such as AK 47, but it is another position when you press the right mouse button and change the position of the weapon and increase the speed by twice as much as twice the normal X2

Link :

Note: There is a zombie in this zombie containing this weapon and all you need to watch some videos to understand
No Any Properties ... Just Skin Å ypsosi2
Skin Link :
- Scout : Cross Bow
This Too Just Skin ... But I liked its shape
Skin Link :
- AWP : Dragon cannon
Properties : Weapon flame and contains one shot, but is equal to XM Balrog twice X2 ... anything in front of it turns to ashes .
Link Plugin :
- M4A1 : K1ASES
Properties : This weapon has strong damage but has the serious advantage of firing a straight beam so that everyone who touches it dies immediately it has a big damage 2500 and without mentioning who had X2 capability, and another thing that this ability has 15 ammunition used in danger
Link With plugin in description:
Just because I was bored I went to see some maps and I found some maps I was shocked and believe me you will like

Maps :
Map : Zm_italy
Link Map :
Map : De_dust2_2x2_winter16
Link Map :
Map : De_dust2_winter16
Link Map :
Map : De_dust_winter16
Link Map :
New Zombie Class : Deimos
Properties : This zombie ability is to shoot you a beam and if hit you makes you throw a weapon automatically
Link Plugin :

I know this is weird, but it's worth it shhh
Skins Players
S.ADMIN : Halo 3 Master Chief
Link Skin :
ADMIN : CSGO Phoenix heavy
Link Skin :
VIP IS Found rofl
Players Level 40 And Up
Link Skin :
Players Level 30 And Up
Link Skin :

This is all guys and this is a work that took me back hours and I hope you like things that make us better than before, and please accept my work because last time NEW Updates 1 Nothing has changed and this made me somewhat frustrated, but some errors have also been fixed And that made me a little happy, I don't know if I was going to walk on this chain, but I was also happy
And thank you that was all, bye
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∆Jei reikia pagalbos parašyk, pad?siu, kuo gal?siu.

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Sirmuzas You Always Don't Prize :N
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I mean you never accept
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Lol me too _
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well couple of those guns already is in server and before writing you should check
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x3 GOD'as
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Ar tikrai nepriimate naujų atnaujinimų, nes jūs turite VIP ar ADMIN ... Ne visi turi pinigų ... Bet norint suprasti žaidėjų idėją nuobodu, nes tai pats žaidimas, nepasikeitė ir mano mintis yra ta, kad jei tai pradės žaidėjų sumažėti ar Tikriausiai uždarysite serverį kaip ir kitus serverius.
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1.The source code of weapons make me get heart attack. surprised
2.No one is interested in new maps, because the only thing players want is kill zombies.
3.If you want to play with Deimos zombie - Avenger swarm is for you.
4.There is no benefit from player models, it's better to add a new weapon.
parašyta 08/14/2019 14:05 14
Well you have better ideas , ِArabas :N
1 - I found several wonderful weapons, but some ideas are similar in the X3, and there are others that do not fit in the umbrella.
2 - I know that, but playing the same maps makes it boring
3 - I found several zombies, but as I said similar ideas
4 - I did this only to distinguish between players with levels and also between Admin and Vip
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fire sword i think if your ideas would be "wonderfull" then arabas woun't answer this theme and just add those guns but for sad part... your ideas is terrible just keep them for yourself. And you did it just to distinguish between players but this project was made to be for fun not for pay to win.
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Here are some screenshots, we are already working on new stuff. Just wait.

And what concerns your ideas, they are not unique. You always try to offer what other servers have.
We don't want to be like others. We want to be unique.
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Su Pagarba. hi
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+ arabai
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LOL, don't laugh at me, ARABAS, I'm not trying to show myself ... I know that the weapons I showed me are legendary but dedicated to 50+ XD players, I also have crazy ideas like.

I have more ideas, but I just said that the weapons I found were for strong players, but what about a weak level .
And the weapons you showed me, I swear I saw them, but I found them exaggerated.
Redagavo Fire Sword 08/14/2019 17:38
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