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1. Pasiūlymo pobudis(naujas serveris/weRamus- Server (high)
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Im asking about a mod umbrella swarm mixed with capture the flag mod.
-Both of teams (zombies,humans)
will have a flag on their spawn.

-Flag of zombies will be red and humans flag will be blue colored.

-Role of humans is that they need to defend hard their flag and teammates from zombies, also they need to arrive to zombie's spawn and capture their flag.(red)

-Each died human will be respawned in 120sec., (SADMINS maybe 70sec or etc.)

-If any from humans or zombie capture the flag they will xp and the enemy team will lose the xp.For example humans wins 500xp zombies will lose 500xp.

-Also when you return the flag from that player which he stealed your team flag you get xp.

-Zombie's role is to kill all humans to win,but also they should capture flag of humans the blue one.

-Every single round teams will be swapped, and in a round will be unlimited time,as I said to end the round fast humans should kill all zombie at one moment or zombies should kill all humans.

-If any human kill any zombie or any zombie kills human they win xp for each kill.(Person which kills)

-Gunxp upgrades will be added by any administrateur.The guns should not be too much op.

Also these plugins to make the server more enjoyable
-CSO Vox Effect Killer

-Duke Nukem Ingame sound effects (Totally Awesome)

And this is kinda similar to this mod:
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