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parašyta 06/28/2019 12:35 1
1. your nick name- Atia-Ch
2. Admin nickname- CS Xtreme
3. Server where you got banned-Umbrella Swarm [X3]
4. Reason-' Wg and demo in forum(disconnected) '
-5.proof (screenshots/demo)-

he just join 1 rnd say give me your wg
and rules what he say (5.1 Griežtai draudžiama prašyti wargod, jei nesate įsitikinę, kad žaidėjas naudoja pagalbines programas.)
and isay why he say go send your wg or ban ( ihave 1 hour to upload my wg ilose so much time) because icant send him always.
parašyta 06/28/2019 13:16 2
I gave u 4 rounds for the wg and u were just making lame excuses.
parašyta 06/28/2019 13:53 3
isay to him tell me why ishould send it for what
parašyta 06/28/2019 13:54 4
Upload demo not hl.exe launcher.
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parašyta 06/28/2019 13:57 5
when Upload demo him he will be hl.exe
parašyta 06/28/2019 14:07 6
parašyta 06/28/2019 14:08 7
parašyta 06/28/2019 14:09 8