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HeLLo I aM applying my supervisor application.

1.My NicK-Game : AyanZsharIf.
2.My Name - AyanSharif.
3.Skype - i Dont have But discord some players have not skype thats why i dont use skype
Discord: AyanZSharif#7705.
4. I am Playing Counter Strike From 6-7 Years.
5. SwaRm High AnD 3x because all players when download our cs fleshas .lt there are all server but when they play swarm they dont know how to play they always break rules and ask pw's from player then players report us and we ban them for no reason only reason they dont know how to play or what is rule all player's know what is public server and surf many also know what is deathrun but to less only know what is swarm how to play that and One SadMIn was asking me for a good gun thats reason i want Priz. or you can decline me one more reason that some player don't talk in lithuanian language but english .
6. i am 19 years Old.
7. i have supervisor in other websites also that was also swarm server lamdapro.cs also i have great experience .
8. No .
9. I am male and i am best cs player's i also fix ping other players i am from U.S.A I love to play Cs i want help players that can't play cs perfectly.
10. I Had 2 supervisor in 2 other website it was hard but i enjoyed for work this is first time for here i will learn all rules a supervisor online much time and help player's and user's solve their problem like i got banned for no reason my admin gone to early i bought Admin but not get

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