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parašyta 05/31/2019 00:56 1
my name is unknown Å ypsosi2
I Here Have Requests About New updates :

- Add New Pistol He Name ( Crimson Hunter ) Deagle :
This is He Skin : Click This Link
Lvl 27~32 ( You Chose For This Levels ) .
The Properties : The Objective Of This Weapon Is That The More You Hit Your Opponent, The More Glass You Carry, And Not Only When You Are Full, You Can Throw It
Away Like A Huge Bomb That You Can Search For. Do You Wait For That ? lol

- Add New Grenade smoke ( ICE Upgrade ) ... But why ??
First : In Order To Become More Powerful And Space .
Second : I Want Fix This Problem .. Is When When A Person Throws A Bomb Near Him He Will Freeze With It .
Do You Wait For That ? lol
This Is He Skin :

- Add New Pistole ( Deagle Flames ) Deagle
Lvl 25~27 ( You chose For This Levels )
This Is He Skin :
The Properties : A strong but slow weapon is some kind Damage 300~600

- Money ?
What Interest Money ?
You Will Find It In This Fourme
This Link :
You Can Change From Your Own

And Another Request You Can Low Level New Knife 29 To 28 ??
Some One Suggest Me This

I Have Ended Up Here And Maybe I Find New Ideas And You Are Too Late To Make A Choice
I Hope You Like It And See You Next Time hi
parašyta 05/31/2019 01:03 2
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ne us
Babajay yra blogys
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My status: Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe sexy I don't know. Discordo grup?:

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desiu pliusa vien del to kad argumentavo viska +++
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+ add this guns to high for x3 = -
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Klano [#U-Sw4rm.1m] Ikurejas.
A|E BFF <333
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+Crimson Hunter
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