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since i'm a newbie, i decided to introduce myself. why am i writing in english? i am latvian, i come from Latvia, and i understand 0.1% lithuanian. i hope everyone understands me aaand has no problem saying hi whistle

i am a girl and i’m 18 years of age. some of you may recognize me from the surf server, as i play with the nickname wamen. for anyone who has ever played with me, i am a pain in the ass, i know. the server is very cool, btw. i’ve played cs since i was a kid and it is something i’d never leave behind. i play other games too, but not a lot. mostly i stick with the nostalgic games, like all the gta’s, half life, etc.

i am a shy and introvert kid, but when you get to know me, i am something else. i am supportive but i also like fighting for my truth. i’d call myself funny and sarcastic. i catch up to events going in the world, and also, i’d call myself a meme, since i am one.

i am a multimedia student, so that is my hobby. i make videos and i am an editor. i do enjoy sports, and im trying to become a policeman. my free time goes into videogames and editing. i also enjoy friday nights blush i hate taking photos, so if you want to see me, ask. for everyone reading this, i hope you respect me, as i do you, and i’d enjoy staying here, as long as you accept me. yes
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hy my name is jeff
x3 GOD'as
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Hey ツ
mÄ—gstu gerti arbatÄ… atsisÄ—dus ant saulÄ—s
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yo yoyo yo
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helllo, and i have seen you in surf and you're not that big of a pain in the butt, just a little
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hi wamen dancing_corgi
Nekelsiu aš to WG cyka
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Ola comoesta
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Heyo. hi