Peržiūrėti temą: Unban

parašyta 02/11/2019 16:40 1
1. your nick name- Dark God
2. Admin nickname- EXile Denikas
3. Server where you got banned-
4. Reason- M4 Buginimas
5.proof (screenshots/demo)-
6. your IP (http://www.manoip...)-

I wasn't the only one killing there. See the other with the white tiger sniper, what about them?
parašyta 02/11/2019 16:41 2
server where i got banned: [] Umbrella Swarm[x3] 24/7
parašyta 02/11/2019 16:42 3
Unban request is rejected.You bug a weapon when you shot a missile, you replace it with a glove, which is not available.
Redagavo Dencikas 02/11/2019 16:55