Peržiūrėti temą: ub fast... xD

parašyta 07/09/2018 21:08 1
1. your nick name- Spr!nTeR
2. Admin nickname- kay
3. Server where you got banned- deathrun
4. Reason- fps max 100
5.proof (screenshots/demo)- demo :
6. your IP (http://www.manoip...)- Išorinis IP:

ps. In the regulations do not write with max 100 only you can not use the developer .. idiot admin xD: D

please fast ub Šypsosi2 !! XD
parašyta 07/09/2018 21:09 2
Admin is not idiot there are rule like this, you didnt follow that u get banned.
parašyta 07/09/2018 21:10 3
Unban request is rejected.