Counter Strike 1.6 - Didn't get XP, Swarm 3x

Peržiūrėti temą: Didn't get XP, Swarm 3x

parašyta 05/28/2018 19:46 1
1. IP kurį nurodėte pirkdami paslaugas:
2. Užsakymo data:5/28/2018 20:46 in Lithuanian time
3. Priežastis dėl kurios galėjote prarasti paslagas: Honestly I don't know, bought it as instructed while being offline from the server, then logged in XP wasn't there, I thought maybe when the map will change it will appear but it didn't.
parašyta 05/28/2018 19:48 2
how did you purchased xp?
parašyta 05/28/2018 19:51 3
with a phone, Phone number is: 0831859798 or in other format +353831859798
parašyta 05/28/2018 22:40 4
how do you save your xp(nick/ip/steamid)?
parašyta 05/28/2018 22:41 5
I believe on nickname, cus I have to log in whenever I join into the server
parašyta 07/11/2018 10:04 6
You need to fill:
Instagram: mr_dead_man_4_life
Skype: skirmantas156
Facebook: apseisime Pfft
SnapChat: skirmantas156 Discordo grupė: https://discord.g...

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