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parašyta 01/06/2018 12:13 1
hello guys......
This is the Gudie for [] Umbrella Swarm[HIGH] 24/7
And [] Umbrella Swarm[x3] 24/7

1-when you human or zombie and kill some one you will get 50 xp [as normal player]and more xp you get more your level get high and if you vip you will get x3 xp.
2- you cant buy prestige [prs] by say in the chat /prs it will cost from you 150000 xp.
3-you can use your prestige [prs] by say /power and you can choose from them menu what you want.
4-top 3 will get free vip Šypsosi2

1- you can buy vip/admin/s.admin/unban from here
2-you can buy xp/tags from here
3- if you lost level/xp/power/vip/tag you can go here and make requset
4-you can check server bans from here
5-if you admin see that will help you And Don't use abuse Never or your admin will removed
6-if you get banned you can make request unban from here you should know the unban request from here
7-if you [reconnect- but pipe bomb in T spawn-swearing] you will banned like 15 min or more Liūdnas
8- take a look here it is a rules in LTU lang mybe you will know some things from it
parašyta 01/13/2018 19:42 2
Very nice
parašyta 01/13/2018 20:31 3
Thank you Very Much !!
Redagavo GunKiller1 01/14/2018 16:27