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recording to [Fleshas_lt]_BHOP_24_7.dem.
[ProKreedz] For all Commands type '/help' in Chat.
[AMXX] We are now recording in your cstrike folder "[Fleshas_lt]_BHOP_24_7.dem"
[AMXX] Demo recording has been started at 20:04:36
[AMXBans] ===============================================
[AMXBans] Banned by Admin: GSG3 -* Pasatas :-)
[AMXBans] You can complain about your ban @
[AMXBans] Reason: 'bhop vutas'
[AMXBans] Duration: '1 hour'
[AMXBans] Your SteamID: 'STEAM_0:0:1711205079'
[AMXBans] Your IP: ''
[AMXBans] ===============================================
Iliuzionistas : wtf
Kicked by Console: You are BANNED. Check your console.
Kicked : You are BANNED. Chec
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Model models/drvoskit.mdl not found and not available from server
Cannot continue without model models/drvoskit.mdl, disconnecting.

Lauk kito Priziuretojo
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Ban'o laikas pasibaigės.

#Tema rakinama