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parašyta 08/08/2017 10:49 1
1. The person you are complaining about (nick) - bissie
2. Server- [Fleshas_lt]Z-Plague[50lvl][CSO]
3. Reason- I played normal. I was zombie and send him bats. nomral game. and He kicked me!
Why? because I tried to kill him? like the game have to be?

4. Evidence (ss or demo) -

5. Player's steam / ip (NEEDS ! ) -I don`t have because he run away. but he his steam member . Here is page :
parašyta 08/08/2017 15:39 2
Need ip or steam id ;/
parašyta 08/19/2017 23:35 3
Skundo anketa nebuvo papildyta, kaip buvo prašoma.

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